Admixture and Paver Surface Treatment Supplier to Manufactured Concrete Products Producers

Wet Side Inline Surface Treatments

  • Highly effective means to keep boards clean and extend board life. 
  • Regular use reduces buildup of concrete residue and other materials, including overspray from paver surface treatments.
  • Blend of special lubricants designed to reduce adhesion to board surfaces, makes boards easier to clean and keep them clean.
  • Penetrates and conditions the surfaces of metal and composite boards with each application.
  •  ColorScape WS-1 is applied inline on the wet side during the manufacturing process and is cured into the paver surface. 
  • Deeper, richer color hues especially reds and charcoals.
  • Sustained color fastness over time.
  • Improves resistance to acid rain.
  • Highly recommended for pavers that mimic natural stone variegation, pattern designs and commercial or architectural projects.
  • Resistant to light and moderate abrasion from foot traffic.
  • Applied inline during manufacturing process to ensure quality application. Protection is in place before the pavers reach the jobsite.
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