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Concrete Technical Services

ACM is known throughout North America as an innovative and dependable partner in the manufactured concrete products industry. Our focus is on helping customers make the best concrete products they wish to make.

Examples of questions customers have asked us recently

Is this new cement a good alternative to my current supplier?

Can I fix a low strength problem by adding a new aggregate?

What’s going on in the kiln?

"Sales is complaining about color inconsistency"

Can I swap out Class C and Class F fly ash?

It doesn’t matter what problem you need solved; we won’t run from the challenge. Whether your need is materials, mix design, operations, education & training or any other problem, we support your business with best-in-class expertise. We are laser focused on manufactured concrete products and we aim to be the best at what we do.

Concrete Testing Services

All testing is performed by accredited third party testing labs and evaluated by ACM experts
Compressive Strength
Water Repellency
Raw MaterIals
Kiln Studies
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