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Question: Cleaning Pallets & Boards

Dear Ben: We do our best to keep boards and pallets clean, but it seems like every week they show more buildup. My boss is worried about the cost of new boards, and I have noticed that now we have units sticking to the boards that are hard to separate. Is there some type of product that can make my life any easier?”

The Practical Benefits of BoardShield

The challenge of keeping boards clean and in good condition has been around as long as boards have been around! BoardShield presents a practical solution to this age-old issue. Regular application of BoardShield offers several benefits:

  • Efficient Cleaning - BoardShield’s unique blend of lubricants prevents concrete residue from adhering to production boards. This reduces the effort and time needed for cleaning.
  • Extended Board Lifespan - BoardShield not only keeps boards clean but also extends their lifespan. By keeping boards well-conditioned, boards experience less wear and tear, leading to fewer replacements and cost savings.
  • Decreased Adhesion - Adhesion between concrete units and boards can make releasing products difficult. Many producers complain about damage to large and small units from the force needed to separate units from boards. BoardSheild saves time and reduces waste because units separate more easily.
  • Reduce Height Variance Issues: Smooth and clean boards improve the board-to-mold interface and help limit uneven mold-seating that can lead to height variances, and product dimension issues.

Common questions about BoardShield

Q: How does BoardShield work?
A: BoardShield is a specialized formula designed to combat residue buildup on production boards used in concrete product manufacturing. It reduces adhesion and conditions board surfaces, making them easier to clean, prolonging board life, and reducing concrete residue buildup (see Figure 1).

Q: Are board scrapers still required?
A: Yes, board scrapers are highly effective in removing loose material on steel and plastic composite boards (see Figure 2). The combination of BoardShield and board scrapers significantly reduces concrete adherence to boards and facilitates residue removal.

Q: Can BoardShield be used on all types of production boards?
A: Yes, BoardShield is compatible with all production boards, including metal and composite variations. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for hardscape and masonry manufacturers looking for a comprehensive solution.

Q: Is BoardShield easy to apply?
A: Absolutely! Applying BoardShield is a straightforward process. Initially, it's recommended to apply it to all production boards on both sides. Continue regular application until boards are conditioned. Afterward, reapply as needed to maintain clean and functional surfaces.

Q: How is BoardShield applied?
A: A spray machine that extends over the line either on the wet or dry side of production (Figure 3). 

Q: How much needs to be sprayed on a board?
A: In most cases 20 grams of BoardShield per board is recommended. 

In the concrete product manufacturing industry, where efficiency is prized, BoardShield is a proven practical and budget-friendly solution. By investing in this straightforward yet highly effective product, manufacturers can maintain production boards in top condition, prolong board lifespan, and streamline operations.

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