Admixture and Paver Surface Treatment Supplier to Manufactured Concrete Products Producers


  • Highly effective means to keep boards clean and extend board life. 
  • Regular use reduces buildup of concrete residue and other materials, including overspray from paver surface treatments.
  • Blend of special lubricants designed to reduce adhesion to board surfaces, makes boards easier to clean and keep them clean.
  • Penetrates and conditions the surfaces of metal and composite boards with each application.
  • Regular use will noticeably reduce the time and effort required to clean concrete mixers 
  • Blend of special lubricants that are designed to reduce the adhesion of fresh concrete to metal parts
  • Penetrates and conditions metal surfaces with each application
  • Layer spacers protect concrete surfaces from contact abrasion and scuffing between pallet layers.
  • Unique, patent pending shape reduces rolling during dispensing and holds spacers and layers in place during shipping. Spacers will not stack on top of each other, which may cause uneven layers, as can occur with flat shaped spacers.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • Homogeneous pressure transmission.
  • More economical than sheet separators and much easier to clean up and dispose of on the jobsite by brushing or vacuuming.
  • Reduce cube efflorescence by allowing air to circulate between separated layers and between a top sheet and top layer of units.
  • Low Impact - most applications require less than 2 1/2 cups of spacers per pallet.
  • ColorScape AirFlow Spacers are manufactured by Green Dot BioPlastics, a leader in BioPlastic manufacturing.
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