Admixture and Paver Surface Treatment Supplier to Manufactured Concrete Products Producers

Retarders & Accelerators

  • Non-chloride, non-corrosive accelerating admixture that will not harm machinery or masonry reinforcement
  • Significantly improved early strength gain and reduced curing times
  • Flexible dosage rates to optimize performance in varying weather conditions
  • Improve product feed, compaction and finish properties 
  • Reduced kiln times, earlier handling
  • Allows increased use of fly ash and slag cement
  • Reduce surface defects and culls

  • Highly effective cement hydration retarder.
  • Slows down the initial rate of cement hydration allowing more time to place the concrete before it becomes too stiff to handle and consolidate properly.
  • Consistent and predictable workability extension for dry and wet cast concrete mixes.
  • Recommended for hot weather concrete, white cement and small batch production.
  • Effective over a wide range of mix designs and materials.

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