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ProCast 710 is a cement hydration retarder that works to extend workability and allow more time to place concrete in hot weather, with white cement and small batch production

Recommended For

Dry Cast Concrete Products

Wet Cast Concrete Products

Technical Information

Color: Transparent Straw

Health & Safety

Consult SDS for Safety Information


Features & Benefits

  • Highly effective cement hydration retarder.
  • Slows down the initial rate of cement hydration allowing more time to place the concrete before it becomes too stiff to handle and consolidate properly.
  • Consistent and predictable workability extension for dry and wet cast concrete mixes.
  • Recommended for hot weather concrete, white cement and small batch production.
  • Effective over a wide range of mix designs and materials.

Guidelines for Use

Dosage rate: ProCast 710 recommended dosage rate will vary depending on temperature conditions and the level of retardation required.

  • ProCast 710 is designed to be used between 2 and 6 oz/cwt of cement (fluid ounces per one hundred pounds of cement) or 130 to 400 ml/100 kg of cement.
  • Dosage rates will need to be adjusted based on the ambient temperature in the plant and the temperature of raw materials.
  • As temperatures rise the needed dosage rate will also increase.
  • Use only as much as necessary to get required additional open (working) time.
  • Start with 2 oz/cwt (130 ml/100 kg) of cement

    • If open (working) time is not adequate, increase in 0.5 oz/cwt (30 ml/100 kg) increments until optimum is reached
    • If open (working) time is more than needed, decrease in 0.5 oz/cwt (30 ml/100 kg) increments until optimum is reached
  • ProCast 710 will extend set times, especially at temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C).

    • Be careful not to add too much, especially at temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C) as over-dosed concrete products may not reach sufficient strength after curing to be handled and packaged as normal.
      Do not use at dosage rates greater than 6 oz/cwt (400 ml/100 kg) without consultation.
  • Higher dosages may be needed when temperatures are above 95 °F (35 °F)
    Dosage outside the recommended range may be required.
  • Retardation performance may also be affected by concrete and ambient temperature, and use of supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash.

Dry Cast Recommended Addition Time: Add majority of the batch water upfront with the aggregates. Prewet with up to 75% of total water.
Add admixtures at least 10 seconds after the cement gate closes (do not add on dry cement).
Recommended Final Mix Time (after all the admixtures are added)
Pan Mixer: 45 seconds minimum (1 minute optimal)
Ribbon Mixer: 2 minutes minimum (3 minute optimal)

Wet Cast Recommended Addition Time: Add majority of batch water upfront with the aggregates and cement. Prewet up to 75% of total water. For optimal performance, ProCast 710 should be added separately from other admixtures at the beginning of the batch sequence, into the fine aggregate if possible.


Product Storage and Shelf Life

Freeze Protection: ProCast 710 must be protected from freezing. Do not store at temperatures below 40°F (5°C). The admixture is not usable after it has frozen.

Shelf life: One year in original unopened container.

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