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For Mortar


RainBloc for Mortar is a liquid masonry mortar additive to increase mortar resistance to moisture ingress and wind-driven rain while not affecting other properties such as boardlife and workability. RainBloc for Mortar can also be used in brick masonry construction.

Recommended For

 Masonry Mortar

Technical Information

Color: Opaque, Off-White

Health & Safety

Consult SDS for Safety Information


Features & Benefits

  •  Liquid additive added to masonry mortar at the job-site. 
  • Quart size container side panel with volume indicators for easy and accurate measuring
  • Recommended for use with certified water repellent masonry units to provide water repellent masonry wall system
  • Use with Portland Cement/Lime or Masonry Cement
  • Meets or exceeds performance requirements for high quality mortar in ASTM E514 and C1384

Guidelines for Use

Add RainBloc for Mortar and allow mortar to mix for at least 30 seconds before adding final water. RainBloc for Mortar may reduce the amount of final water used. Add half the amount of final water normally used and slowly add remaining water until desired consistency is reached. Mix for an additional five (5) minutes after adding final water to ensure proper mixing.

Product Storage and Shelf Life

Freeze Protection: RainBloc for Mortar must be protected from freezing. Do not store at temperatures below 32°F (0°C). The admixture is not usable after it has frozen. 

Shelf life: One year in original unopened container.

Download PDF for Dosage Instructions

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