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RainBloc 80 is a low dosage, high performance integral water repellent admixture that provides the highest performance in resisting rainwater penetration through above grade masonry. RainBloc System CMU walls achieved Class E or Excellent rating in independent ASTM E514 testing. RainBloc 80 provides superior efflorescence control in CMU, Pavers and SRW.

Recommended For

Dry Cast Pavers & Slabs
Concrete Masonry Units
Segmental Retaining Wall Units
Manufactured Stone Veneer Units

Technical Information

Color: Opaque, Off-White

Health & Safety

Consult SDS for Safety Information


Features & Benefits

  • Anti-wicking features provide unsurpassed water repellency
  • Superior efflorescence control and improved color retention
  • Highly effective integral water repellent in single-wythe wall systems
  • Annual certification of RainBloc CMU producers through the RainBloc Certification Program ensures performance standards are met
  • Independent ASTM E514 testing confirms that RainBloc system walls achieved Class E or excellent rating for wind driven rain resistance - the highest rating possible.

Guidelines for Use

 Dosage Rate: RainBloc 80 admixture dosage rate will vary depending on the desired benefits. 

For water repellency: dosage range is 3 - 6 fl.oz/cwt (200 - 400 mL/100kg) of cementitious materials, with typical dosage at 4 fl.oz/cwt (260 mL/100kg) of cementitious materials . 

For efflorescence control: dosage range is 1.5 to 3 fl.oz/cwt (100 - 200 mL/100kg). Due to variations in local materials, jobsite conditions or applications, dosages outside the recommended range may be required. Please consult your Technical Services Representative for more information. 

Recommended Addition Time: Add majority of the batch water upfront with the aggregates and cement. Prewet up to 75% of total water. 

Add admixtures at least 15 seconds after the cement gate closes (do not add on dry cement).

Recommended Mix Time: after all the admixtures are added

Pan Mixer: 45 seconds minimum (1 minute optimal)

Ribbon Mixer: 2 minute minimum (3 minute optimal)

Product Storage and Shelf Life

 Freeze Protection: RainBloc 80 must be protected from freezing. Do not store at temperatures below 32°F (0°C). The admixture is not usable after it has frozen. 

Shelf life: One year in original unopened container.

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