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ProCast 990C is a concentrated, water based form release agent, formulated for use in wet cast concrete products.Wet Cast Concrete Products

Recommended For

 Wet Cast Concrete Products 

Polyurethane molds
ABS molds
Steel molds
Wood molds

Technical Information

Color: Opaque White

Health & Safety

Consult SDS for Safety Information


Features & Benefits

  • Water based and environmentally friendly
  • Superior mold release for clean, detailed and attractive demolded surfaces
  • Significantly reduces bugholes and voids
  • Non staining, can be used with light colored
  • Easy to apply
  • Works at a range of dilution rates for versatile applicationProlongs mold life due to easy cleaning

Guidelines for Use

 Dilution rate: ProCast 990C is sold in concentrated form, which must be diluted with water before use.

Dilution range is 5:1 through 9:1. For example: for 5:1 dilution rate, use 5 gallons of water to 1 gallon of ProCast 990C. Optimal dilution rate will depend on the mold substrate and the desired benefits. 

Due to variations in mold construction, application methods, and plant conditions, dilution rates outside the recommended range may be required. Please consult with your Technical Services Representative for more information. 

Yield: Up to 3000 sq.ft/gallon (73 m2/L) at 9:1 dilution. 

Surface Preparation: Molds must be smooth, clean and dry prior to application. There should be no concrete buildup in the molds.

Application: Dilute ProCast 990C with water prior to application. Typical dilution rates are 5:1 through 9:1.

Apply a thin coat to clean, dry molds.

Apply using conventional or airless spraying equipment, rollers, mops, wipes or any other suitable means.

Avoid over application. Runs and puddles in the mold may create voids in the finished concrete surface.

Clean application equipment with soap and water before it dries.

Product Storage and Shelf Life

Freeze Protection: ProCast 990C must be protected from freezing. Do not store at temperatures below 40°F (5°C). The product is not usable after it has frozen. 

Shelf life: One year in original unopened container.

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