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Intermix Mortar Accelerator is a liquid masonry mortar additive to accelerate mortar setting times and increase early strength development. Intermix Mortar Accelerator is manufactured to comply with ASTM C1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Masonry Mortars.

Recommended For

  • Masonry Mortar
  • Stucco

Technical Information

Color: Clear Blue/Green

Health & Safety

Consult SDS for Safety Information


Features & Benefits

  • Non-chloride, non-corrosive formulation that will not harm machinery or masonry reinforcement.
  • Saves time during cold weather construction by accelerating the cement hydration process resulting in shortened set times and increased early strength development. Intermix™ Mortar Accelerator provides comparable setting times to liquid calcium chloride without corrosive effects on reinforcing steel.

Guidelines for Use

Intermix Mortar Accelerator is used to reduce the setting time or increase the early strength of mortar or stucco. Intermix Mortar Accelerator is not intended to prevent mortar from freezing. However, the time required to protect against freezing may be substantially reduced as Intermix Mortar Accelerator generates heat as it accelerates the cement hydration process.

Cold Weather Construction: Intermix Mortar Accelerator is not a replacement for cold weather construction practices, but when used in conjunction with good cold weather construction practices as detailed in NCMA TEK 3-1C, All Weather Masonry Construction, Intermix Mortar Accelerator provides superior performance and allows for construction to continue in cold weather.

Pigments: When pigments are used to provide specific color tone, trial batches are strongly recommended to determine the addition rate range that will ensure that the desired color is achieved. 

Recommended Addition Time: Intermix Mortar Accelerator should be added separately to the mix: it may be added into the sand, water or after all ingredients are in the mixer. Do not allow it to come into contact with other additives prior to entering the mortar. 

Dosage Rate: Dosage rates are similar to those used for liquid calcium chloride. Dosage range is 8 - 80 fl.oz (250 - 2500 mL) per bag of cement. Actual dosage will vary depending on the degree of acceleration required, and mortar and ambient temperatures. It is recommended to test with actual materials under jobsite conditions to determine dosage rates. 

The following addition rates are offered as guidelines and are based on average performance with a variety of materials and conditions.

Download the PDF for Dosage Rates

Product Storage and Shelf Life

Freeze Protection: Intermix Mortar Accelerator will freeze at approximately -5 °F (-20 °C), but its properties are fully restored by thawing and thorough agitation before use. 

Shelf life: One year in original unopened container.

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