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Perfect Pavers for Winter Conditions

ColorScape EverBold in freeze-thaw environments
Surface treated pavers offer extra protection against cold weather challenges. Reduced paver surface permeability means less moisture and deicing salts are absorbed into treated pavers. Treated pavers are protected against cold weather damage in two ways:
1. Less moisture absorbed into the paver means less freeze-thaw damage.
2. Less potentially harmful deicing salt is absorbed into the pavers.

Pavers Last Longer

Treated pavers don’t absorb as much moisture, so freeze-thaw damage is reduced. Less harmful salt is needed is needed to keep pavements ice free, so surface treated pavers last longer.

Pedestrian safety is improved

Because deicing salt stays on the surface to melt the ice, treated pavers have reduced icing and are safer for pedestrians.

Reduced Run off

Less salt also means reduced run-off, which is better for the environment.
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